“At Pizza Quest, crafting consistent quality pizzas and delivering the correct vibe/experience is top priority. All things in the kitchen are built from the ground up when we can. All of the ingredients (AKA “enhancements“) are fresh and beautiful because you eat with you eyes first. The dough takes days to make and the sauce is balanced around the premium tomatoes. It a beautiful thing and it is showing.”

“All the pizzas that leave give me excitement; the combos and creativity. I simply want to eat each one because of their beauty, and if I don’t, it gets redone. When scrumptious pizza after scrumptious pizza leave Pizza Quest, we’re never happier.”

“At Pizza Quest we deliver more than just pizza, we present a culinary journey of things you have never tasted or even imagined together. “Chewie’s Chow”, a collection of intentionally crafted pizzas, are meant to spark interest and then deliver a memorable experience. Any time that connection is made we have done our job.”

-Chef Nick “Chewie” Chard, speaking with CanvasRebel

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Photograph of Chef Nick Chard of Pizza Quest in Fennville, Michigan